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Holistic African Luxury Products and Experiences

Our Brands

A skin care brand that is focused on harnessing the goodness in nature and putting it back into your body

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A holistic wellness brand that encourages you to slow down and find your calm. Specializing in premium Ceremonial Matcha and Yoga mats


A plastic-free beauty brand made using all-natural vegan or vegetarian ingredients

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Small-batch loungewear and kimonos made in Cape Town by an all-woman team


Earth and body-friendly hair care products made in Cape Town



Silk thread and gold wish bracelets, handmade in Cape Town.



A 100% natural and organic luxurious skincare brand that formulates nutritive skin food


Cor Skincare

An intentional skincare brand that deeply recognises the significance of selfcare and it's profound impact on well-being

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Scorpio Towel

Scorpio is an adventure towel designed by Jade Klara and expertly weaved in 100% African cotton

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