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What is House of Stealing Beauty?


House of Stealing Beauty was born out of a desire to merge our three passions:

wellness, local products and holistic experience.

Discover local products:

We embrace simplicity, supplying products and services that are useful, covetable and customised to you.

We collaborate with a hand-picked selection of local sustainable brands to showcase their stories.

Wellness journeys:

We also offer bespoke designed wellness experiences in Cape Town. Whether you’re looking for a yoga experience,

meditation, sound journey or a therapeutic massage, we’ll curate a hyper-personalised journey just for you. We’ve personally vetted each supplier to connect you with the best wellness practitioners in Cape Town.

Space to breathe:

Our sanctuary apartment in Cape Town is a space where you can come to rest, rejuvenate and experience the best in South African lifestyle design and wellness products. 

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